Glenn Sorrentino

UI & UX Designer in
San Francisco, California.


I'm Glenn, a UI Designer for in San Francisco. I like brewing beer, riding my bike and spending time in the great outdoors.

Selected Work


Our mission is to change the way people work. Through usability testing and rapid iteration, the Salesforce UX team can make the most informed decisions on the evolution of our product.

Salesforce Safe Harbor Statement


I love editorial design. It seems to break so many patterns of design that we see everyday on screens of all sizes. Breaking borders, not adhering to accessibility standards, and often opting for negative space over more content. That was my inspiration here.

Zinio Mobile Suite


This is a project I did for my sister who had a recent bout with breast cancer. She asked me to do something for her that she could use as a logo, a tattoo, or whatever. Created originally with lace and hot glue, then photographed and recreated in Adobe Illustrator.

Love Logo

USMC Challenge Coins

I joined the Marine Corps in 2001 and was lucky to find some opportunities where I could design official insignias and coins. Challenge Coins are given to Marines from the senior members of the chain of command as a token of appreciation and acknowledgement of good work.

USMC Coins

Contact Me

Thanks for visiting my portfolio. Do you need help with a design problem or have a great idea in mind? You can find me on LinkedIn or you can email me directly at Got PGP?


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