Glenn Sorrentino

UI & UX Designer
in San Francisco, CA

Hi, I’m Glenn, a UI Designer for in San Francisco, California.
You can find me around the internet on Behance, Google+, and LinkedIn. Thanks for visiting my portfolio.

Salesforce Service Cloud

The Salesforce Service Cloud empowers call centers and mobile service agents with tools tailored to their needs. The Agent Console maximizes Salesforce with a customized framework built to scale to your business needs.

Salesforce Safe Harbor Statement
Salesforce Service Cloud

"Glenn's designs always reflect his commitment to consistency and simplicity. He is also capable of creating designs even when the information available is limited."

—Dilip Chetan, Senior Researcher,

Salesforce Success Community

The Success Community is the access point for Salesforce customers to start finding help or training. It bridges products like the AppExchange, IdeaExchange, Knowledge Base & Answers.

Salesforce Safe Harbor Statement
Salesforce Success Community

"Glenn was a thought leader in the Help & Training site redesign project, pushing the boundaries of the team's design perspectives while ensuring we delivered within the allotted scope and time."

—Michael Kirschner, Director, Adoption Marketing,


We love journalism. And we love the digital medium. We wanted to create an editorial look and feel for the app by focusing on typographic and image fidelity. Zinio offers free articles and new magazines and we wanted to drive engagement through the UI, providing efficient paths to purchase and read, browse the taxonomy and browse your library.

Zinio Digital Newsstand for iOS, Android, Windows 8, Blackberry RIM

NOMAD Mobile Guides

NOMAD connects nature lovers with the outdoors. Partnering with National Parks to offer rich offline content for parkgoers - maps, hiking trails, camping, white water rafting - everything you might want for your time outside.

NOMAD Mobile Guides for iOS


This is a project I did for my sister who had a recent bout with breast cancer. She asked me to do something for her that she could use as a logo, a tattoo, or whatever. Created originally with lace and hot glue, then photographed and recreated in Adobe Illustrator.

NOMAD Mobile Guides for iOS

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Thanks for visiting my portfolio. I'm currently accepting new projects, so if you have a great idea in mind, let's talk. If you have any questions about my process, prices or turnaround time — or if you'd just like to connect & say hi — please send a message. And remember, you can find me on Behance, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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